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Claim Information


  • Use Preferred Providers if possible to receive discounts arranged by your health plan

  • Keep all paperwork together

  • Bills from providers
  • Explanation of benefits reports from health carrier
  • Make notes and take names of billing representatives
  • Make sure that all providers have billed health carrier
  • Watch bills to be sure none go to collections
  • Get itemized billings from all providers
  • Financial assistance may be available
    • Get hospital or clinic financial assistance application if necessary
    • Review household income
    • Tax returns 1-2 years
    • Most recent pay stubs
    • Number of dependents
    • Marital status
  • If you can pay cash, try to negotiate 10%-30% for immediate cash payment
  • Payment plans are usually available
  • Ideal final outcome should be within 30-60 days
  • Payment plan
  • Avoid collections or garnishments
  • Please share your claims experiences with us