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Thank you for visiting our web site. We specialize in health care plans for individuals, and employers.  We also offer dental plans, disability insurance, life insurance and many other programs and services.  We can help you check for eligibility for the health care tax credit and other benefits.  We can help you compare your options and complete enrollment in the programs that meet your needs and your budget.  All health plans are now guaranteed, and there are various methods for enrollment.  We recommend that you Get ready for health insurance, and then call us for assistance with review and enrollment when the 2017 individual health plan open enrollment begins on November 1, 2016.  We have licensed and certified agents standing by to answer your questions, make plan recommendations, and complete your enrollment.  

Popular individual Plans and Programs for 2017

Providence Health Plan Connect plans;
this is a low premium health plan for 2017.  The
Medical Home model of care provides substantial savings to the health plan, so they offer this plan for a lower premium.  You choose a medical home from the Connect Network and a primary care provider.  Referrals to specialists or other services are necessary. This plan includes an accident benefit, generic pharmacy copay, mental health, alternative care, adult vision, and pediatric preventive dental.  Some consumers are finding their providers in the Connect Network.  This plan has various levels of co-pays, deductibles, and out of pocket maximums, so you can have the benefit package and price that meets your health needs and budget.  This plan can be purchased with the advanced premium tax credit for those who qualify. 
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Providence Balance 7150; the Providence Balance 7150 is a popular lower cost bronze level plans that has co-pays for numerous services.  This plan includes the Providence Signature Network.  A network of nearly 1 million providers nationwide.  This plan includes copays for primary care, specialist, alternative care, urgent care, outpatient mental health, chiropractic, acupuncture, generic and preferred brand prescription drugs, and adult vision exam.  This plan includes the required pediatric preventive dental.  This plan is can be purchased with a tax credit.     
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Standard Silver; The Standard Silver plan continues to be a popular option.  The Standard Silver is the same plan design at all carriers. There are
copays for primary care, specialist, urgent care, outpatient mental health, physical therapy, generic prescriptions, and preferred brand prescriptions.  This plan is good for those with some health needs and who need copays for a variety of provider types.  The Generic prescription drug copay is $15, and the preferred brand copay of $50 can help with some brand prescriptions.  The out of pocket maximum is $6,850.  This plan can be purchased with a tax credit.  
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Marketplace agent information
If you use and want Paris Laughlin or Stuart Ouellette to serve your as your certified agents, then please include them when you register for your marketplace account.  We can help you with marketplace creation, and identity verification.  The marketplace account setup program requests your agent name during the account setup.  Please use the agent marketplace identification below;

Paris Laughlin; PLAUGHLIN63, NPN 1012000
Stuart Ouellette; stuarto63, NPN 3468051

Popular individual dental plans for 2017

Moda EPO Delta Dental Network Plan; this is still a good value for private dental plans.  There is no deductible, and the benefit maximum is $1,500.  This is a good plan for those who can use the Dental Dental Network providers.  The 2017 rate is $34 per month per person.
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Moda Premier Dental plan offers $1,000 annual benefit maximum, 100% preventive care, 70% basic care, 50% major care, $50 deductible.  This plan works for consumers who use a dentist in the Premier Network.  This plan is $42 per month per person.

Note that most individual dental plans will have a waiting period before basic and major services are covered.  The waiting periods may be waived if you have had prior similar dental coverage with a lapse of coverage no more than 90 days.

Employer programs update 2017

Small employers
- Small employers have between 1 and 50 employees.  Oregon group health plan rates have decreased with some carriers for 2017. 
A typical group plan may include a basic base contributory bronze medical plan, buy-up options for those who need or want more coverage, some tax advantages and incentives for eligible employers.  

The federal Small Health Options Plan (SHOP); this program at is not available in Oregon at this time.  SHOP is a web based health insurance solution for small employers.  The small employer health insurance tax credit seems to still be working form some employers.  Oregon employers who want a tax credit will need to have a qualified carrier and product and then request the plan certification from the carrier or Oregon Health Insurance Exchange for your tax advisor. The small employer health insurance tax credit is expected to have a 24 month maximum.  We have small employer activity in the Washington Healthplanfinder. 

Large Employers - Large employers have more than 50 employees.  The employer responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act will begin starting 2015.  We have seen minimal rate increases for large employers.  Employers with 100 or more employees are required to offer a basic bronze level health plan now to employees.  Employers with 50 to 99 employees will soon have to provide basic health insurance to employees or pay a penalty to the government.  

We have been receiving good feedback about our health insurance services.  Thank you for allowing us to help you with your important health insurance and other insurance needs.  You can read our customer testimonials

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