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We specialize in health insurance for individuals, and employers.  We also offer dental plans, disability income insurance, life insurance, and other related programs and services.  We can help you compare your options and complete enrollment in the programs that meet your needs and your budget.  Check out our 2017 individual health plan reviews below and use the enrollment type that works for you.  We have applications from each plan, online enrolment, and certified marketplace agents to help with marketplace enrollment. 


Open Enrollment for 2017 is ended.  
Learn about how to qualify for individual health insurance outside of open enrollment

Agency Health Plan Reviews for 2017

Providence Health Savings Account Qualified Plan;  with the Providence HSA plan, members receive 100% in-network preventive care, but other care is subject to the deductible.  The annual deductible options are $2,800 and $6,000.  The family deductible is aggregate and 2x the individual deductible.  Members pay most of their up front non-preventive care costs from a tax free health savings account that they set up and fund with their own money.  There are no copays with an HSA.  This plan includes pediatric preventive dental and vision, and adult vision.  This is not a new program.  The high deductible plan reduces premium, and the savings account deposits are tax deductible as long as the money is used for qualified expenses.  This plan comes with the Providence Signature Network.  Read more about the HSA here.

Providence Health Plan Connect Plans; $2,500 or $7,150 deductible options.  The Connect Medical Home model of care provides substantial savings to the health plan, so the plan premium is lower.  Members choose a medical home from the Connect Network and a primary care provider.  Members receive referrals from primary care provider to see specialists.  This plan includes alternative care, prescription drug coverage, and pediatric preventive dental.   

Providence Balance Plans; $2,500 or $7,150 deductible options.  This plan features the Providence Signature Network of nearly 1 million providers nationwide.  This plan includes alternative care, prescription drug coverage, and pediatric preventive dental.       

Kaiser Permanente Bronze 6500/50;  This is the low cost health plan.  The plan includes 2 Primary Care Provider visits at a $50 copay, $6,500 deductible, and $7,150 out of pocket maximum.  

Standard Silver; This plan features preventive care, co-pays for primary care, specialty care, urgent care, generic drugs, and preferred brand drugs.  The deductible is $2,500, and the out of pocket maximum is $6,850.  T
his plan is good for those with some health needs and who use prescription drugs.  This plan does not include pediatric preventive dental. 

Standard Bronze; this plan is being upgraded for 2017.  The co-pays begin before the deductible.  Although the deductible are higher than in prior years, this plan is a good bronze level plan that includes copays for primary care provider, specialty provider, and urgent care.  This product is available at most carriers.  This plan does not include pediatric preventive dental.

Individual Dental Plans 2017

Moda EPO Delta Dental Network Plan; This plan has a $1,500 annual benefit maximum.  This plan has includes preventive dental, basic restorative dental, and major dental services.  This is a good plan for those who can use the Delta Dental Network providers.  The 2017 rate is $34 per month per person.  There is a 6 month waiting period before basic dental services are provided, and there is a 12 month waiting period before major dental services are covered.  The waiting periods may be removed if applicant has had comparable dental plan with a lapse of coverage no greater then 90 days.
Enroll in Moda Dental plan here
Moda Premier Dental plan; This plan has a $1,000 annual benefit maximum,  This plan includes preventive care, basic restorative dental, and major dental services.  This plan works for consumers who use a dentist in the Premier Network.  This plan is $42 per month per person.  Enroll in Moda Dental Premier here

Nationwide Dental;  This is a good alternative to the Moda dental plans.  This plan has various options. 
Review and enroll in Nationwide Dental here.

Important: Check your income information frequently. Your eligibility for help with costs is based on factors including your household income. Accurate information will help you get the right amount of help and avoid differences when you file your federal income tax return.

Employer programs update 2017

Small employers; 
small employers have between 1 and 50 employees.  Some Oregon group health plan rates have decreased for 2017.  
A typical group plan may include a basic base contributory bronze medical plan, buy-up options for those who need or want more coverage, some tax advantages and incentives for eligible employers.  Some employers are receiving the small business health care tax credit if they meet the qualifications and purchase a qualified group health plan.

The federal Small Health Options Plan (SHOP); this program at is not available in Oregon at this time.  SHOP is a web based health insurance solution for small employers.  The small employer health insurance tax credit seems to still be working form some employers.  Oregon employers who want a tax credit will need to have a qualified carrier and product and then request the plan certification from the carrier or Oregon Health Insurance Exchange for your tax advisor. The small employer health insurance tax credit is expected to have a 24 month maximum.  We have small employer activity in the Washington Healthplanfinder. 

Large Employers; an applicable large employer is an employer with more than 50 employees.  The Affordable Care Act required employers with more than 50 employees to provide minimum essential health coverage to all employees working 30 or more hours per week.  Large employer group health insurance rates have been stable. 

We have been receiving positive feedback about our health insurance services.  You can read our customer testimonials

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