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Pay check insurance;  The loss of income can devastate any budget.  We recommend some type of plan for income replacement in the event of disability due to sickness or injury.  A plan may include insurance, it may include other resources.  We have short term plans with AFLAC and Colonial and also a 2 year plan with Mutual of Omaha.  We have long term plans that can replace as much as 66 2/3 if your pre-disability income to age 70, tax free.  Catastrophic rider options may allow for a higher benefit.  Let us know if you would like rates for your income replacement plan.

Individual health plans are now guaranteed for children under age 18 in Oregon.  There are a variety of health plans for children in Oregon.  We have information on all plans through our office.  We are also authorized representatives for Oregon Healthy Kids and can help assist with the application for coverage. 

Health Care Act "Individual Mandate" to be reviewed by supreme court:  The individual health insurance mandate issue is expected to be reviewed by the supreme court.  More details may be provided at our news feed

The next Oregon legislative session is scheduled to begin February 1, 2012:  We will be following all legislative issues that affect health insurance consumers.  We will try to encourage a sustainable solution to the problem of the unreasonably high cost of medical treatments and diagnostics.