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Claims Help and other cost savings ideas
The claims process can be a slow and challenging process.  Please contact us if you need help with any aspect of your claims experience.  Below are some ideas to help you get through the claims process with the lowest out of pocket expenses and shortest time-frame: 

  • 9 things to know about health insurance claims
  • What's the real cost web site is designed by Regence to spark discussion on understanding health care costs
  • Understand how your benefit programs work and read your benefit summaries 
  • Use Preferred Providers whenever possible
  • Use Preferred "National Providers" when out of your carriers immediate service area
  • Make sure all providers have your complete insurance carrier information
  • Check your bills carefully
  • Review your explanation of benefit reports
  • Negotiate final bills directly with hospitals, providers and diagnostic providers whenever possible
  • Check for financial assistance if necessary
  • Payment arrangements are usually available
  • Understand the appeal process
  • Keep your paperwork together and take notes
  • Do not delay responding to medical bills. We have seen bills go to collections 
  • Make sure to get pre-determination for medical or dental treatments whenever possible
  • Discuss scheduled surgeries or complex medical treatments with your insurance carrier prior to service
  • Submit major dental claims to your insurance provider prior to receiving services.  This is called pre-determination
  • If you have paid towards a deductible on one carrier and change carriers, the new carrier may provide credit for deductible paid on your previous plan