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Living With Diabetes, by William Kercher

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. Since that time, I has been working to do the right thing and to keep my blood sugar levels under control. I had such good luck with my fight against diabetes, I wrote a book detailing what I had learned and what was working for me. The book title is, Coping. How I Am Living With Type Two Diabetes. The book sold well and I am writing a second book. This one is part of the Waltsan Publishing book series, Help Me. In this second book, I will give updated information on diabetes and tips on how to get blood sugar under control. A little while ago, Paris asked me to help get the message out about diabetes, the causes, the symptoms and the dangers. So, each month, I’ll give a Diabetes Health tip for his newsletter.  Each of the messages I will provide will be included on this page so you can have the history of messages available when you need it..

What is diabetes? November 2013 
As the Fast Food generation is merging with the Video Game generation, poor diets and lack of exercise are resulting in an epidemic of people who are over-weight and even obese. There are many health problems associated with increased weight. Heart attacks and strokes, for starters. While it’s difficult to rate the problems according to the danger level, diabetes is right up there. Diabetes is when the cells in the body no longer process the blood sugar that is in the blood. Because the sugar is not processed, burned for energy, it builds up in the blood. And, that is when the problems begin. Excess sugar in the blood can result in – blindness, high blood pressure, kidney failure, stroke, heart issues, circulation and nerve problems and even amputation of feet. That is what diabetes is. In the following posts, I go into the details in greater detail and give ways to avoid becoming diabetic or reduce the dangers if you are.  William Kercher is not a doctor and does not provide medical advice.